"The African Choir of 1891 Re-Imagined" Multi-Media Art Exhibit Added to CHCI Program

The multi-media installation of Philip Miller and Thuthuka Sibisi’s The African Choir of 1891 has been added to the CHCI Annual Meeting program in collaboration with the Centre for Humanities Research and the South African National Gallery in Cape Town. The installation is a re-imagining of the tour that a South African choir made to Victorian England in 1891 featuring songs recreated by the composers from the original 1891 program along with twenty photographic portraits of the original members of the Choir re-discovered after 125 years. Together they form an artistic representation that humanizes and gives voice to a part of history long unknown by contemporary audiences. Working with Curator Renee Mussai of Autograph ABP, Miller and Sibisi premiered the work in London in 2016. This will be the first showing in South Africa.

CHCI Annual Meeting attendees arriving early for the conference are welcome at the opening of the exhibit at 6pm on August 8 at the South African National Gallery.